Sunday, 15 February 2015

Camping trip

We were driving on the road until the car stopped "We are here," my  Dad called.

"YES!" we screamed. We were sitting in the car for about two very long hours. We needed  to                 stretch out our legs. We hopped out of the car and said "We are going on an                        adventure but we will stay close to the camp." "Ok."said my Dad. We looked around.                   We saw the best tree in the world. I wanted to climb the tree so I yelled out "Let's go climb it." We were very close to camp. We needed to go back to camp because we needed to help make the tent. When were done with the tent we went to the tree again until our Mom said “Come and help put the blankets on the beds.” “Ok” we said. We put our blankets on the beds.  ”I am not going back to the tree because we are just going to be called right back.” I said “Ok.” said my sister Jasmine.

We went on a walk around the tent and we found a secret area behind the tent we said “Lets make a secret area.” “Ok." I said. We went to the area with a stick. “ You go first.” I said “No you.” my sister said. “Fine.” She went in first with the stick to make sure that there was no spider webs because I will scream my head off if I see a spider even if it is the size of two ants put together.  So she went in and there were no spider webs or spiders. There was a tree that had fallen over "Cool." said my sister. We never got called back after putting the blankets on the beds.

The next day we found an awesome wall that was made out of a tree stump and dirt. On the back of the dirt and stump there was dirt like stairs to go to the top of the dirt and stump. Behind the dirt and stump there was a log across a river. We walked over the river on the log slowly and carefully. For dessert we roasted marshmallows on the fire and had s'mores.

The next morning we showed our secret place behind the tent to our parents because if they wanted to know where we were they wouldn't have known. Then we went and checked out the river. We saw bugs on the river. They were jumping around on the water. We tried to catch them but we did not succeed  in catching them.

The next day we had to pack up to go back to home. We helped lie on the bed so that all the air would come out. We put the tent, beds and all other stuff away. We went to all the cool stuff we found and took one last look at it because we knew that we were not coming back very soon. The ride was another two very long hours because we missed the area already.


  1. Well done on getting your blog underway for 2015. I am looking forward to reading more. Mr A.

  2. Great writing Rosemary about your camping trip, i wonder why you didn't climb the tree in the end though. :D