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At the coldest time of the year Matariki appears. Matariki is the Māori New Year and it is an important time. It is a time to come together with your whānua/family to talk about the past, the future, and take action. Then you know what you're special part is in the whānau. Sharing and appreciating wisdom and skills from our whānau can help us to do what we do in the future and in the present.

Matariki is the mother and around her are her 6 daughters. Their names are Tupu-ā-nuku; Tupu-ā-rangi; Waipunarangi  Waitī and Waiatā; and Ururangi.


Tupu-ā-Nuku is the oldest out of all of the daughters of Matariki. She makes sure the food/plants grow big and healthy so they are useful for many things.


Tupu-ā-rangi loves to sing with the lizards, birds, and all the animals in the forest. She has a song for every the occasion. The animals of the forest share the song which fills the forest with happiness. She holds the songs in her heart.

Waitī and Waitā

Waitī and Waitā are twins of Matariki. Bees and ants can do amazing things eg: bees pollinate flowers, ants build complicated tunnels and carry many times their weight.


She comforts her grandmother at the waters where she feeds the children. She teaches her about the water and how to collect drinking water for everyone.


Ururangi is the youngest. She comforts papa after the cold and darkness of winter. Ururangi reminds us a good attitude is the key to success.

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