Monday, 21 September 2015

Materials explanation

There are lots of different materials in the world that can be classified into groups like paper, plastic,and metal. Some people throw rubbish in bushes and think they will biodegrade naturally but actually it might not if it is plastic bags, synthetics, plastic bottles or tin cans. Other people do the right thing and throw rubbish in the rubbish bin.

There is a variety of ways materials can be used.  Paper can be used to make books, newspaper, wallpaper, card, paper mache.  Plastic can also be used to make cups, lids of coffee cups and laminated paper.  Metal can be used to make drink bottles, poles, tables, chairs and paper clips.  Glass can also be used to make windows, jars, Ipad screens, tv screens, and doors.

There is a variety of different properties materials are made up of.

Plastic is photodegradable, made out of petroleum and takes 500-1000 years to break down. Paper is made from wood and can be recycled. Metal will rust if near water and air, some metals are magnetic and can be reused/recycled.

Some people don't always put materials in the bin, they sometimes throw them in the bushes.  Some people don't put materials in the right bins.  Some people forget to flatten paper and other things before putting it in the rubbish bin.

Overall people are adequate at looking after our environment however they still need to learn about materials because some people don't know how long it will take to break down or if it even will break down.

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