Monday, 7 September 2015

My speech

Have you ever felt like you were going to be attacked by a shark?  Like there was something scary in the water you desperately wanted to swim away from? I have.   

I was at one of the Hawaii islands and we were snorkelling. There was crystal clear water, colorful fish, coral.  I was enjoying exploring around. Then I remembered there might be sharks around and my body started to get shaky and tense, my teeth were clenched hard.

We were swimming and swimming and swimming.  I had nearly forgotten about my fear of a shark attack because of all the nice things I was seeing in the water. I was tired of swimming and I wanted to go to sleep but obviously I couldn’t.  


We were swimming as a group then we split up. My Mom and I went one way and my sister and Dad went the other way. I was so scared because we were not in a big group, but luckily I was with my Mom. When we got back together with my Dad and sister I felt a little less scared but my body was still tense. I still had a nagging fear of a shark attacking me.

We kept swimming and swimming and swimming. I felt a little better because I saw many colourful fish gliding through the warm, clear water.  Still no sharks to be seen. But I knew that there was still a chance for a shark to appear. My teeth were clenched really hard and I asked if I could go back to the beach but my Mom and dad said "No not yet." So I kept on swimming, feeling disappointed that I couldn’t go back to the beach.  

There was so many fish then I saw something grey... it was coming closer and closer and closer! Wait!  No  ... it was just a grey fish.

So we kept swimming then we turned to the beach. I was so happy I nearly screamed but I didn't. Then we turned again to the side, away from the beach. I was unhappy that we didn't go to the beach but at least there were no sharks around.

When we turned to the beach I was happy but I could not see the beach, then when we got kind of close and I could finally see it.

As I was making my way through the water to the beach I noticed bits of plastic from my snorkel were coming out my mouth.  I was so surprised that I had actually bitten off some of the plastic mouthpiece from the snorkel because I had clenched my teeth for so long, because of my fear of a shark attack.  

I swam a little faster because I wanted to get out of the warm but scary water. After I got out of the water I told my Mom and Dad that I had bitten off some of my snorkel. They were surprised and shocked.

I am happy I didn't get attacked by a shark but I never went snorkeling in the sea again. After that I only went snorkelling in a pool that I knew didn't have a shark in it.


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  1. What a great descriptive peice of writing Rosemary! I felt as if I was there snorkelling with you, the way you described the colourful fish and coral. I can relate to you, when my dad and I went snorkelling, I was I was also very scared of a shark attack that I also bit off some plastic of my snorkel clenching my teeth so hard! Great story/speech