Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My special person

My special person

My grandma is one of the nicest people I know.  She has short sort of grey hair, a very friendly smile, earrings, and beautiful big blue eyes.  She normally wears a red and black long sleeve top or a red short sleeve t-shirt with a black cardigan, but she does wear other types of clothes.  

She is normally out in the garden happily taking care of her plants or her other property.  She picks parsley, picking lemons and planting pretty new flowers that my Auntie has given her. She enjoys the peace and quiet.  Sometimes her dog Teddy barks for her to throw the ball when she is working away in the garden.  

My grandma is sometimes in the office asking my Dad to help her with something that she needs to finish by tomorrow or the next day, that is on the computer.

She is always smiling and giving me hugs. When she smiles and hugs me it makes me feel happy because I have a grandma who loves me.

She has a beautiful garden and loves keeping it pretty for people who come over and just to make it look nice.  Beautiful flowers spread across the garden. There is lavender, mini trees and big bushes. A medium sized white wall borders the garden, providing a great spot to sit and talk. Birds chirp in the trees, teddy barks, cars drive by but sometimes it can be peacefully quiet. Baby ducks waddle into my grandma's creek by the side of her house.

My grandma is my special person and is the nicest person I know.

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