Sunday, 13 December 2015

My special place

I sit down on the hot sand and notice the rolling hills and snowy mountains across the water in the distance. The beautiful, bright blue water crashes down on the hot sandy beach. The boiling hot sand painfully digs into my feet as I stroll down to the ice cold water. Cool wind brushes against my face as I savour the smell of the fresh air. When I enter the cold water it wraps around my feet and turns them to ice.

As I return to my towel under the shade of a tree, I notice all the dogs barking, trees swaying, the top of the space needle, people coming out of ‘Slicers’ with nice smelling pizza, and kids coming out of an ice-cream shop with big ice-creams.  As I pack up my towel I meander along the path amongst the tall pine trees. I savour my special place hoping to come back soon.

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