Sunday, 13 December 2015

My well being reflection

My well being reflection
My well being action was to make stilts. My well being was influenced in the following ways: be active, keep learning, take notice, and give. It relates to be active because we had to exercise our bodies by lifting our legs, arms, and the stilts. I kept learning because I had never done this before so it was new learning for me. I took notice because I took notice on how the kids were improving and how they were trying to get better. I gave because I gave my time to the kids and improved their well-being by teaching them a new thing or two. I am glad to have done that because I had lots of fun and I hope they did to.

I think the kids improved their well-being because they kept learning, they were active, and they connected.  They kept learning because they had never done this before.  They were active because they had to use their muscles to pick up the stilts.  They connected because they worked with older kids which they normally don't do because they like to play with kids their own age.  I think the kids had lots of fun while doing it.  

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