Thursday, 14 April 2016

Discovery time reflection

Discovery Time Reflection 

Today at Discovery Time I was with Will, Brooke, Lucy.H, Mason, and Liam. We were doing tukutuku panels we were at the art table.
The role I played was learning how to make tukutuku panels because I didn't know how to but now I know because I looked in a book that the teacher had.
A strategy I used was listen to instructions because I might have messed up if I didn't look at the book.
Something new I learned was how to make tukutuku panels like what to do like paint tape and other stuff.
A struggle for me was painting the tukutuku panels because I kept on doing curvy lines.
I showed a growth mindset when I never gave up trying to do a straight line.
Next Discovery Time I will continue to do the tukutuku panels.
Overall it was fun doing tukutuku panels and I think I did a good paint job.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your DT activity of making the tukutuku panels. It has helped me to understand what you struggled with and how your understanding of "growth mindset" is developing. Kiri