Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Term 1 arts reflection

Term 1 arts reflection 

In term 1 we focused on beat, rhythm, pulse, the vibe, and dynamics. We did a beat performance for our learning of pumanawatanga. Pumanawatanga is a canoe which we are all in with no exception. Beat is a consistent beat that keeps the rhythm in time.

My role in the performance was in the sewing group. In the sewing group there were Abby, Paisley, Samantha, Nadine, Margaret, and myself. We were the second group of the performance. Our group was the sewing group because during discovery time most of us were the people who did the sewing even though other people did sewing but they did other things and we needed to make the groups sort of even. 

A struggle for me was doing the performance when the parents were watching even though I was in a big group it was uncomfortable because I don't like doing things like performances and stuff like that in front of people. 

A highlight for me was camp because it was my 2nd camp I have ever been on. It was a fun camp because I never got hurt but my friend did. Bear grylls was fun because we made a hut and my roll was collecting the sticks for the hut and our was the best hut in the competition. It also was a highlight because mountain biking and tree climbing were really fun.

In term one I learnt how to sew something like a pillow and other stuff like that and that I can do a performance in a big group.

At the start of term one I felt like I knew nothing about beat but after the performance I felt like I knew more about beat than I knew at the start of the term. 

SOLO level of thinking is multistructural because I can identify beat in many ways.

My next step is to understand the purpose about beat in other contexts.

Overall I have learnt about beat in many ways.

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