Sunday, 19 June 2016

Tree climbing

                                  Tree climbing 

Have you ever climbed a tree befor? Well I have and it was for tree climbing at camp. 

The whistle blew and we lined up. The activity hamner leader Jess called on group one. She said that we were doing tree climbing. I was in group one with my friend Brooke and I was so excited. 

We all stood up and walked over to the trees that we were going to climb, they had a massive trunk and a really big wooden ladder that led to small blocks of wood nailed into the tree. 

Jess told us to get a helmet. It took me a while to find a helmet my size. Then we lined up on the outline of the tree that we were going to climb first. The leader Jess told us that we could not go into the sand box area without a helmet on. Jess told us what we could and couldn't do and as always it felt like it took forever. 

Jess asked for someone to volunteer and a few people put there hand up. The person she chose had to put the harness on then showed how to climb up and down the big fat tree. Afterwards we split up into two groups and both groups climbed the same tree but on different sides. We decided who was going first and who was last. 

Finally it was my turn to climb the tree and Brooke  was the belayer. ( The belayer is someone who helps the climber get up and down). I put the harness on and started to climb up the ladder. I looked at the blocks that would help me get up. I started to climb up the big fat tree. 

It was very easy at the beginning then it got harder but I managed to get to the top. When I looked down, I thought I would be afraid because I was high but I didn't have a butterfly in my stomach. 

When I had to come down I didn't want to because I thought I was going to hit the branch behind me. It took me like 1 minute but when I did start to go down I didn't hit the branch behind me and Brooke brought me down with the belayer. 

Finally it was Brooke's turn to climb up the tree and my turn to be belayer. She went up the ladder and started to climb. When she was climbing up Jess told me to let go so I did and Brooke didn't fall. 

When everyone finished climbing the tree we went to the next tree. The 2nd tree that we were going to climb was a tall pine tree that when I looked at it and it looked 4 times the size the other tree. 

Brooke got to decided who would go 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and so on because she won the rock paper scissors thing. I was 2nd at climbing it and Brooke was the belayer. Then after my turn I would be my turn to be belayer.

When I started to climb I thought it would be harder than the other tree but it turned out that it was easier even though the half way through the wood blocks that I grab onto went away so that I had to use the branches. I thought it would be harder When I looked at it but when I climbed it it was so much easier because the branches and I felt more confident after I let go of Brooke when I was the belayer.Coming down was harder than going up but I felt better than I did climbing down the first tree. 

Once everyone climbed it we came back together in one group and took the helmet and harness off and put it back then we went back to camp. Tree climbing was awesome and I hope I can do it again.

My writing reflection:       

In my writing I have used hyperbole when I said that it was 4 times the size even though it was only like twice the size.
I think I am going well because I think I am putting more descriptive words than at the beginning of the year and I am writing more than I used to which is good and improves my writing skills.
 I'm going to work on improving putting more similes, hyperboles, metaphors, show not tell, strong verbs, activating nouns, and personification.
My next step in my writing is to put better words and descriptive words in my writing so I pull my readers in more.

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