Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery Time Reflection

Discovery Time Reflection 

Today at Discovery Time I taught unicycling to Lucy.H, Grace, and Brooke. We were outside on the court until it started to spit then we went in the sheltered area by the class room. 

A struggle for me was teaching other people how to unicycle. I have never taught unicycling before because when I learnt,  my mom taught me and my mom also taught my sister so I never actually taught anyone.

Someone I noticed was Grace because when she messed up she got back on the unicycle like it never happened and she did really well after she fell off.

I showed a growth mindset when I kept teaching them how to unicycle even though it was boring because I didn't get to ride the unicycle myself.

I felt good because the people I taught did really well and I think I also did well on teaching them how to unicycle. 

I achieved teaching 3 people how to unicycle and it was an achievement because it was only my second time teaching other people to unicycle.

I learned that I could teach 3 people how to unicycle which is awesome because it was new for me.

Overall I would love to do it again, everyone did well, and  it was so much fun even though I was bored. 

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